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Scotland GIS tour – please join me!

I’m getting very excited about my upcoming trip to Scotland.  I’ve got 3 talks scheduled:

The Seminar at Stirling University is a talk I’ve given in the past related to spatial SQL being a language for geographers.  However, it will be focused more on biology and natural resources as it is more fitting to the audience.

I’m really excited to attend the QGIS User Group Meeting – looking over the topics, I think this is going to be one of those conferences that I get more than I give.   My talk will be more technical and get into some of the code we developed to create a QGIS Plug-in using GPU technology for terrain analysis.  We made some great progress, but we also discovered we have a lot more to learn 🙂

The talk at Edinburgh University should be a fun one.  I’ve titled it Exploring the potential of using your teenager’s gaming computer as a high performance computing (HPC) GIS workstation, and it will cover not only the GPU work I’ve been involved with, but also multiprocessor work I’ve done with Spatial Hadoop and the python multiprocessor object.  The seminar is free and open to the public, and I understand there will be drinks afterwards.

I’ve also scheduled some time with a couple of Professors at St. Andrews University on November 1.

If any of my GIS friends are near the UK during that time, it would be great to get together.  I think I’m also going to take advantage of my down time (although if I agree to any more talks, there won’t be much down time left!), and do a lot of sight-seeing in these beautiful cities.

Finally, I don’t know if the new version of Manifold will be out by then, but if it is, I will try to squeeze in some time to talk with people about it.

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