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Just released by Manifold Software Limited - SQL for ArcGIS Pro!  This new add-in for ArcGIS Pro now allows you to perform full SQL processing on Esri geodatabases.  That means selects, updates, inserts, joins, aggregate queries, spatial SQL, and other SQL functionality now apply to Esri geodatabases.


And if that isn't enough, the SQL for ArcGIS Pro Add-In is fully parallel, meaning if you have the cores on your computer, SQL for ArcGIS Pro will use it - with no restrictions or additional costs to use the massive number of cores typically found on gaming PCs.  You can visit the Manifold site to purchase SQL for ArcGIS Pro.

Check out the following links for ways to learn SQL for ArcGIS Pro so that you can be an expert spatial SQL user in your Esri environment.


Like other video training, SQL for ArcGIS Pro for Esri Users is a full video course, is packed with hours of video, equivalent to two days of training.  In this course, you'll learn to use basic and advanced SQL to explore, analyze, edit, and update Esri geodatabases.  

If you want to see how beneficial SQL for ArcGIS
is for managing your GIS workflow, check out
this short demonstration from the video
workshop on the right, and a short promotional
video below.


If you've seen my books in the How Do I Do That series for Arcpy, Manifold GIS, PostGIS, SQLite, and others, you already know they are great resources for reference when you need to accomplish a classical GIS task.  This latest book follows the same approach, giving you SQL solutions for classic GIS tasks in SQL for ArcGIS Pro.  This is a resource you'll refer back to every time you work with SQL for
ArcGIS Pro
.  And best of all, by self
publishing a black and white
paperback book, I can keep the cost
under $20!

The book comes with a sample
that shows you how I, and
many other users, utilize this
resource in our daily use of SQL for
ArcGIS Pro
.   You can check out the
following video on the right to see how I use the book as a
reference on a daily basis.



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