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With many years of experience in open source GIS (QGIS, Postgres/PostGIS, Geoserver), Esri platforms (ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro), Manifold GIS (v. 8 & 9) , and multiple programming and scripting langauges (Python, Visual Basic, SQL, Javascript), I am able to take on a few small projects each year (mostly in the summer and January).  For these projects, I bring a unique perspective to spatial problem solving.  You can see an example of some of the projects listed on this page.  If you are interested in obtaining advice, or even programming support for your data management efforts, dropa note on the contact page.  


Business Analytics, Costa Rica

When a GIS company needed to develop spatial analytics for business, they turned to to build their tools using Manifold GIS and Visual Basic.  This tool performed territory analysis, and also implemented the Huff Model for Retail Gravitation for potential stores. 


Hydraulic Modeling of Earthquake Damage, Los Angeles developed GIS tools in ArcGIS to help the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power manage their simulation of the water distribution system resiliency in response to different earthquake earthquake scenarios.  The tool included modules for Monte Carlo simulation, data preparation, and cartographic output.  


Pipeline Monitoring, Calgary

When a pipeline consulting company was interested in identifying potential locations of stressed pipes based on imprecise measurements, created a dynamically segmented model to calibrate known points along the gas pipes with estimates of the imprecise locations. 


Pollution impact, Chesapeake Bay

When a researcher was interested in understanding the relationship between chemical runoff and landscape dynamics, worked to develop a statistical relationship among different variables including the pollutant, land cover in the upstream contributing area, point source pollution locations, and terrain characteristics.  

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