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I am a Professor in the Department of Geography and Geosciences at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland.  Prior to joining the Salisbury faculty in 2007, I spent 7 years at Cornell University as a Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Associate.  Before that, I spent 10 years in private industry implementing GIS solutions for public and private organizations. 


As a passionate instructor, I have won numerous teaching awards including the Cornell University Faculty Innovation in Teaching Award, the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Teacher of Merit,  the prestigious State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the University System of Maryland Regents' Award for Excellence in Teaching. I am one of the only people to have won the top University teaching award in two different States.  You can see my University homepage here

As a successful private sector GIS consultant, I implemented large-scale geographic information systems for both the public and private sector,  and won the ESRI Business Partner of the Year Award in 1999 as part of my work on implementing the Long Island Rail Road Enterprise GIS.

Throughout my career, I have implemented some of the larger enterprise GIS projects in the country, and am a frequently invited speaker at numerous conferences and workshops focused on geographic information system technology.  Having taught college students for the last 20 years, my current focus is on educating professionals in the use of innovative tools for GIS analysis through my books, workshops, and online courses.  My textbook An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving for Geographers is one of the most widely adopted books in the field of quantitative geography, my online courses have over 10,000 individual students, and my personalized workshops are attended by hundreds of professionals in the United States and Europe.

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