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Sending my graduate students off into the world - the Capstone class

I've blogged about how enjoyable my job has been to teach in our Master of GIScience Management at Salisbury University. I love the outcomes of our program, and seeing how many of our students are now in managerial roles in the field of GIS. In fact, as a result of these great outcomes, we were awarded the American Association of Geographers Program Excellence Award for Masters Granting Institutions.

After working so hard for 2 years (and even harder for those who have completed the program in 1 year), these students are pretty exhausted. I have the privilege of teaching the final Capstone course in the program, and have made it more reflective in nature - allowing the students to reflect back on all they've done in the program.

I thought you might like to see how I introduce the class to the students, and that will also give you an idea of how our program ends.

If you are interested in pursuing a MS in GIS Management, you can check out our fully online program at the Salisbury University website. As I say in the video, the financial compensation our student obtain from getting an MS in GIS Management often exceeds the cost of the program within their first year.

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