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Open Street Map in Manifold Viewer

I recently downloaded the entire Open Street Map for the United States.  That’s an 8GB download, but more importantly, it is a 140GB file!!  It took over a day to import the file into Manifold (someone on the forum used a SSD, and they were able to import it in 3.5 hours).  But, once the data was in Manifold, I was able to instantaneously zoom, pan, select, and identify features.  Have a look at the video below to see how fast this was:

this is actually pretty cool: one file, just click, and you are able to work directly with the data.

The ability for Manifold to instantaneously open the 140GB data and zoom and pan around is pretty incredible.  So, my question is: if you had this data locally on your computer, how might you use it?  Comment below…

keep your eyes out for a new course offering on Big Data Analytics with GIS.  I’m hoping to release the new course before February 1.

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