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Building a geodatabase tutorial - ArcGIS Pro

If you're like me, you've enjoyed using the ESRI Tutorial Building a Geodatabase. It's a great tutorial that steps students through some basics in creating a geodatabase, like importing data, creating domains, subtypes, and relationship classes.

Unfortunately, that tutorial used a personal geodatabase (MS Access), and was not rewritten for ArcGIS Pro. Also, ArcGIS Pro supposedly does not support the older ARC/INFO coverage model - I say supposedly because there is actually a sneaky way to pull this off, and I'll show you that.

The interface for ArcGIS Pro is much different than ArcGIS Desktop - but, in a good way. I actually like Pro's interface. So, I created this video to step users through the ESRI Tutorial for building a geodatabase, and have also converted the old Microsoft Acccess personal geodatabase to an ESRI file geodatabase. You can find the materials at this link, and can watch the videos below:

I hope you enjoy the videos and are able to make good use of them as you learn to apply ArcGIS Pro in your daily routine.

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