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Workbook for Statistical Problem Solving in Geography

My workbook for Statistical Problem Solving in Geography (ISBN-10: 1502982293, ISBN-13: 978-1502982292) is now available for purchase through:


The workbook contains the full semester of exercises I use in my cour


GEOG 204 – Statistical Problem Solving in Geography.  The workbook follows the sequencing presented in An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography, published by Waveland Press.  And best of all, the workbook is only $19.99 – most workbooks for college courses are over $50!

The data for the exercises is located HERE.  All of the data is in Microsoft Excel format with tabs for each chapter and exercise.

If you purchase this book, do not pay for the more expensive shipping – regular mail, which will take about a week after the book is printed, costs around $3.00.  To help you get started right away I have provided the first three chapters of the workbook HERE for free.  Therefore, even if you wait until the first day of class to purchase the workbook, you will be able to use the first 3 exercises before your book arrives.

From the back cover:

One of the challenges in teaching a course in statistics for geographers is providing practical hands-on examples to illustrate the concepts. Finding the right examples, collecting and formatting the data, and guiding the introductory user through the exercise is difficult and time consuming.  

To assist instructors in providing a complete semester long set of exercises in statistical problem solving in geography, Dr. Arthur J. Lembo, Jr. developed this book with the exercises used in his course Statistical Problem Solving in Geography at Salisbury University. These exercises correspond to his course textbook An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography, however, the exercises would work with any introductory textbook on geography and statistics.

The exercises are not only recent (most of the data sets are from 2013 and 2104), well laid out, and taken from real world data, but also thoroughly focused on geography and related disciplines. Rather than using dry hypothetical examples, the examples in this book are derived from actual data related to health and epidemiology, agriculture, economic geography, atmospheric science, natural resource assessment, planning, and many more.

Delivered as a print-on-demand book, students are not burdened by excessive costs often associated with most college textbooks. Also, the nature of a print-on-demand book means that examples can be frequently updated as new data and issues become important to geographers. For those faculty wanting to obtain the workbook answers, they can contact Dr. Lembo with proof that they are the professor using the book at his blog

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