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Radian Studio is here..

As many of you know, Manifold Software, Ltd. has just announced the release of Radian Studio.  To help people learn Radian,, LLC. has just released the video training course Radian Studio.

The more I’m using Radian Studio, the better I like it.  Have a look at the short video below to get a quick look at what Radian Studio can do, and decide if it is something you want to try out.

The course is over four hours of video instruction, which as you know from other videos, is probably close to a one or two day training program.  I wanted to get this training out quickly, so there will be more added to it as the days go on, and as Manifold Software, Ltd. adds more functionality.

As part of the introductory offer, the entire course is available for $30 if you purchase it using the coupon code here – that is an incredible deal to learn such a sophisticated piece of software.  And as always, any of the courses you sign up for are available forever, and you can view the courses on your desktop, tablet, and any smart device.

This is one of the best ways to learn the basics of Radian Studio, and it’s at a price that is very affordable to anyone.  Don’t forget, if you use Radian Studio, the Manifold forum is a great place to learn from others.

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