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Great work by my undergraduates, Again!


You’ve heard about how good my undergraduate GIS students are here, here, and here.  Oh yeah, and here and here.    Well, over the last few years my undergraduate students have been working with the campus Department of Horticulture by surveying the Salisbury University campus under the direction of Dr. Dan Harris.  Did you know our beautiful campus is a registered arboretum?  Starting with my student Waverly Thompson two years ago, they surveyed all the trees, sidewalks, sprinkler heads, light poles, pretty much anything you can think of with survey grade instruments.

This past summer Zack Radziewicz, Josh Young, and Lindsey Pinder turned that survey work into a beautiful cartographic product, and yesterday put the map online here.  Zach has an art background (he’s also an awesome GIS student) so that really helped, and Josh has been helping me lead professional workshops in Postgres and Python.  Lindsey is a rising GIS star in our Department, so keep an eye out for more posts about her.

It never ceases to amaze me how good our undergraduate students are here at SU.  I’m proud of the work they do, and so thankful to get to work with them each day.

Great job Waverly, Thompson Zack, Josh, and Lindsey.

P.S. While I was in Korea and Dr. Harris was in Brazil, on their own, these students turned the entire map into a 3D visualization – I’ll post that soon.

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