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Free Online Quantitative Geography Course

Due to the COVID-19 virus, many of our schools

are struggling to turn their courses into

online delivery. I just found out that our entire semester is now going online. That is about 8 weeks of classes!! So, I had to get my course An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in Geography online for my students and wanted to make it available to any Professor who needed to turn their own quantitative geography class into an online experience.

The course is based on my textbook, and I have currently completed the first half of the semester and now am moving into inferential statistical test. We'll start with difference tests (one-sample, two-sample, 3 or more sampe), and then move into relationship tests (correlation and regression). I'll also have lectures on statistical relationships like nearest neighbor, quadrant, join count, and Moran's I. Each chapter will have a video lecture, discussion board, and exercises for the students to work through. I have also turned my corresponding workbook into a freely available .pdf for students. I am trying to get my textbook publisher to offer access to the e-book for free, but have yet to hear back.

If you are a faculty member and would like access to my course so you can teach it online, please sign up here. I’ve slightly re-designed it so that it fits within the last eight weeks of a college semester. The course resides in my University’s Canvas Learning Management System, and I was able to get approval from my University to make access available to people from the outside. Therefore, it will operate just like the college course that I teach.

What is nice about this curriculum is that students can work at home on their laptops, whether they are Windows, Linux, or MacOS. I have been using these video lectures for years to augment my course, textbook, and workbook - so, I know that it works. This will be the first time that I make the video lectures the primary method for student learning.

So once again, visit the SU SUCCEED site, enroll in the course, and get started.

* please note, I am still adding material to the course. Also, I am moving my own students over the this version so that everyone is working in the same learning environment - both my students, and yours.

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