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Big data analytics with GIS – the CSULB pilot

Well folks, it’s happening. I’m about to take one of my most adventurist steps into these training classes yet.

With the release of Manifold 9, I’m going to offer a big data analytics class that includes gigabytes of data, multi-databases, statistical processing, and parallel processing. And, it is something you will be able to participate in using only freely available software. Imagine that, a big data analytics class with free software

Delivering 20GB of data at a bring your own device (BYOD) training class is a challenge. Also, with this high level work, it is a further challenge to decide what can fit into a one day workshop.

Thankfully, the California State University at Long Beach provided me with an opportunity to teach my workshop to their students this week. It was a blast!

More importantly I learned a lot about how to put together a deep-dive of a class like this together. 8 hours is simply too short!!

The students loved the workshop, and I loved teaching it. Stay tuned, as a live workshop will be up coming to a city near you, and an abbreviated online workshop will roll out in the next month.


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