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Geocoding with Radian Studio

Recently my students and I wrote a paper on geocoding with different Python tools here. While that was really fun, it does take a bit of work to write the code.  As you know, I’m partial to doing anything I can with SQL.  My attempts to build geocoding into PostgreSQL has not been very successful, although my friends who use Linux versions have had better success.

So, I was really happy to see that Radian built in many geocoding servers into their product, and the functionality is accessible via SQL.   The following video shows how to use the Google geocoder through Radian, and I’ve added a little wrinkle: some of the locations are straight addresses, while others are intersections.  Using a very simple CASE statement, the addresses geocode effortlessly.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.

if you are interested in learning how to use Radian Studio, check out where I have 9 different training courses in geospatial technology. 

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